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  1. Room equipment

  2. Common facilities

  3. Conditions – Cancellations – Hours – Covid


1. Room equipment in each room :

Bed linen and towels.

A bamboo toothbrush.


A hair dryer.

A fan. Yoga mat.

USB plug.



The Pop:

One King Size bed.

A shower.

A Verneer Panton chair.

A clothes rack and hangers.

A small coffee table.


The ReHab:

One King Size bed.

A freestanding bathtub.

A Verneer Panton chair.

A small chest of drawers and hangers.

A small desk.


2. Common equipment

3.1. : In the House :

A 12 liter water filter, ceramic filters with charcoal is provided in the kitchen along with glass water bottles. A 300 L refrigerator is available to guests (1 floor for each room) to store drinks and food. While waiting for the completion of our summer kitchen near the swimming pool in 2022, our kitchen being a central place of passage, entry and exit of the Mill, guests will be able to access it at all times. However, on request, they can prepare light meals there at times to be determined together. Plates, cutlery and separate glasses are available to guests.


3.2. : Outside: Two braziers allow you to prepare BBQs, a small one on the first terrace, the second, a larger one on the terrace facing the stream. We will provide the wood.


A table for meals.


Chairs, deckchairs and ottomans.


3. Conditions - Hours - Cancellations - Covid

Here are our conditions for our guest rooms:

You will be asked for a deposit of 30% of your stay upon booking (100% if you only stay one night). We do not accept credit cards. Payments are to be made either by checks, cash, bank transfer or Paypal. Payment of the balance will be made upon your arrival on site. You can book either by writing to us at: or on our chat / or in person at: +33 (0) 6 60 59 77 39 - +33 (0) 6 9 67 22 76 74. Your reservation will be final after confirmation by email from us.


To ensure a viable health protocol, we must space departures and new arrivals at least five hours apart. Departures will therefore be at 11 a.m., and arrivals at 4 p.m. If you wish to arrive earlier, you can drop off your luggage to either visit the surroundings or wait for your room in our outdoor spaces so that you can enjoy the place from 2 p.m.



You can cancel your reservation in writing, free of charge within 24 hours of payment, beyond 3 days before the date of arrival. - If you cancel 3 days before the scheduled date, your deposit will be refunded, provided that we manage to re-let the room for the same dates. - 100% of the deposit paid is retained for any cancellation within 3 days of the arrival date. If the health situation changes with new government measures, we will offer you either to postpone your reservation for 18 months, or a refund.



We follow the recommendations of the venues with a simple philosophy, based on common sense. We want you to have the best possible stay with us, in safety, and above all ... happy! As this year we are offering two rooms for a maximum of four people, it will be very easy to share this wonderful place, while respecting the necessary hygiene measures. Le Moulin is isolated in the woods on three hectares - everything is made to be outside! Of course, it is essential to let us know if you develop symptoms during your vacation. You must in good conscience consult a doctor ... If you do not agree, we will terminate your stay and the balance will remain acquired for us. If the health situation changes with new government measures, we will offer you either to postpone your reservation or a refund.


Your room is your haven of peace, and we will not enter it without your agreement. The cleaning will be done before and after your departure. Breakfasts can be taken without risk, either outside or inside, with a distance of one meter between you.

  • Room ventilation before and during cleaning,

  • Cleaning of common areas with professional product,

  • Particular attention is paid to frequently touched items: door handles, switches, remote controls, etc. Washing household linen at high temperature,

  • Washing dishes at high temperature,

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